Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodbye, Caillou...

Today was mostly...ugh...major temper tantrums...that's why I'm glad I blogged about things like remind myself that it's not all temper tantrums. Man, is she ever stubborn, though. Don't know where she gets that from. ;) Mom and Dad, thanks for still loving me because I know I was like that...sorry 'bout that. :) But, we ended on a good note...and that helps.

On another only slightly related note, I'm looking for recommendations for shows and movies for Sera. We don't allow her many, but it's a privilege for her and if she disobeys (bigger things, not minor things), then she loses her movie privilege (very motivating for her). Her favorite show is Caillou, but the more I see of it, the less I am impressed. Wow, is that kid ever whiny...and whining and tantrums are what we're trying to curb around here. So, goodbye Caillou! And, hello, Veggie Tales and Thomas...anybody have any other suggestions?

And...also randomly, Bella LOVES curry! She had curried chicken, rice and veggies tonight and she couldn't get enough. Yeah, are officially a Williams kid with your love of curry and avocado! :)

And...above is a random cute pic of Sera and Bella from Lance's last business trip that we ended up unexpectedly accompanying him on...


mamahamiam said...

Allie loves Mickey Mouse. They are cute and educational- counting, shapes,teamwork, friendship, problem solving, etc.
Another one on TV is Super Why. Adorable and good with reading skills and letters and phonics.
We also love Leapfrog DVD's. They are cute and educational too.
Sesame street is another good one that is educational... :)
Can you tell what one of my big criterias is for shows? :) I'm with you and don't like the whiney, bossy shows either. We like veggie tales too! :)
Allie has learned a lot from watching shows- (we don't watch a ton, but I don't feel so bad letting her watch some when they are teaching something) and we too use them for rewards and take them away for big consequences. :) said...

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